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May 06, 2010


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Charles Knight

Actually Search is yesterday's news. It is Apple and their quick acquisition of Siri (for an estimated $200 million) that is The Future. Why should you search when Siri will do it for you? And Siri doesn't click on ads... Finally, since Siri can learn to learn, how many people do you need?


Do you have ideas which worth millions but you lack the necessary capital to put your idea to test?

Ben Boyter

I totally agree with the above. Having never done something so grand as build a full scale general purpose search engine with its own index I have played around with doing so and its a lot harder then it looks.

I think that unique verticals are the future however. Google can't be all things to all people and thats why for certain niches that search engines that deliver a better product are what you want. In fact thats why I started www.searchforphp.com which just delivers results for PHP developers. A smaller market for sure, but an interesting problem to solve and certainly possibly by one person.

Melissa Peters

This is a fun read. At http://timemerlin.com, we first thought of building a small search engine of all time management articles and tips in addition to web based timesheet software. Quickly found out that even a small scale search engine takes an immense amount of resources. Your article definitely puts a lot of those things in perspective.

Affordable SEO Company

You’ll be storing all sorts of metadata for the page: anchor text, outbound links, and any kind of interesting data you’ve extracted or created.

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